Navid Afghah (1349 Shiraz)
Navid Afghah started his studies at the “Center for Preservation and Propagation of Iranian Music” in 1360 under Mahmoud Farahmand Bafi and in different periods he was influenced by his experiences. He has taken his lessons in Harmony, Counterpoint, Orchestration and Stylistics subjects in presence of Kambiz Roshan Rouhan and Dr. Hossein Mehraban and the experience of conducting in numerous concerts in Iran and abroad is in his resume.
Navid Afgaq has collaborated with different groups including Faramarz Payvar, Aref, Dalaho, Aina and Messiah, thus he has experienced collaborating with the most influential contemporary Iranian musicians such as Darius Safwat, Faramarz Payvar Parviz Meshkatian Hossein Alizadeh, Kayhan Kalhor, Ardeshir Kamkar, Behdad Babaei, Mehdi Azarsina, Massoud Azadeh, Shahram Nazeri, Ali Ghamsari…
He has participated in different albums as an accompanist, soloist or collaborator for the compilation, ? and composition of the music. his Independent works are; “Avaye Khial”, “Peydayesh”,” Ma’bad peykare haye chubi” and “Zaman Larze” album. He has also collaborated in writing soundtracks of the documentary and experimental cinema as the music composer or music supervisor, selecting soundtracks from his own albums, For instance, “Tehran has no more pomegranates” (Masoud bakhshi) “Sivand,Earth,Dream” (Hossein Karim Pour) , “The Seventh Day” (Arash Raissian), “Nena” (Mohammad Reza Vatan Doost) …… He has conducted more than 200 workshops in academic centers all over Iran to teach Tonbak and he has been the judge of musical performance section in many of Iran’s music festivals.