This work will be meaningless unless you are a part of it.
My effort is based on creating a work of art in relation to its viewer. This way, a picture showing the viewer’s presence will be presented; accordingly, there will be geometry-changing reflections to the picture. The process of change has been occurred by the use of digital tools and digital motion parameters’ design.
To me, mirrors appear to be purely symbolic among materials with Interactivity naturally. It seems almost impossible not to be a part of mirrors when I am standing in front of them looking at me in Shah-E-Cheragh shrine. As if I am there and not. This sense of “to be or not to be” carries different meaning in mirror pieces creating my primary interest of this field.
It is worthy of note that during the process I have benefited from Iranian geometry (Gereh) for the inlay illustrating valuable experience of geometry games. I have tried to create a sense of being Iranian. In fact, a mixture of geometry and mirrors as a tool of impression, plus motion has been applied to convey the sense of connection with the viewer for a few precious seconds. The idea might even be the ultimate aim of producing this work of art.