In Iranian culture, there have been and are three terms about art: art, craft and industry. The etymology of the word “art”, which is a completely Iranian and rooted term, is as follows:
The term “art” (Honar in Persian) consists of “Ho” and “nar”. In definition of “Ho”, the following meanings are mentioned: good, well, beautiful, very, sufficient, expressive, strong and stable. This word is a prefix and creates new meanings by being placed at the beginning of some words.
P.S. 1: The semantic breadth of this word, as well as the geographical knowledge of the word “art” in the culture of ancient Iran, is absolutely necessary for the “Chonin” Art Group.
P.S. 2: “Neshiman” Design Group designed and built a “well-made”, “graceful” and “shapely” (hu-irixta) in 2020, called “Dottation”, a 4-centimeter cube that is “well-filled” (hu-kereta).