In the 10th century AH, when the mirror was brought to Iran as one of the goods imported from Europe (especially Venice), the initiative and the economic instinct of Iranian artists took advantage of the breakage and fragmentation and formed an industry and art called “Ayneh Kari” (“Mirror-Work”). “065” is a combination of pieces of mirror whose forms, despite their geometric shapes, are beyond brilliant and glamorous decorative borders, in mesmerizing volumes, their geometric visual effects are combined with the reflection of mirror work, and their beauty tend to complexity, motion , mystery and problem solving. This conceptual richness is reminiscent of the various intertwined currents of modern art. In terms of cognition, “Op Art” (optical art), work and play with light and color, is felt to be more “kinetic art” in terms of the possibility of creating movement and to be more “constructivism” in terms of solid structure, than merely decoration for an object, closet or mirror.