Do it two times or more
Sometimes there is no clear boundary between form and content, I think form is everything in
cinema or even other arts.
For example, the type of structure and way of telling a story, how to light and film and choose
the lens number,how an actor expresses himself and how he acts, costume and scene design,
post-production, etc, can be referred to as parts of the form.
Consider this sentence as an example, Ali goes to school, It’s completely pure content.
But how does Ali “go” to school? In fact, form is how it is expressed, I think form is what turns a
subject or content into a work of art.
In this project, we initially tried to completely remove the content, but after much effort and
research, we came to the conclusion that neither our team nor anyone else has been able to do
For instance, in the sentence mentioned earlier, there is nothing left if you delete the “subject”
which is “Ali”, the “object” which is “school”, and also the “verb” which is “goes”.
So as a result, content and form are two inseparable elements in a work of art.
In this project, our focus shifted to give a sense in the gap of the story, so that the form alone
bears the sensory burden of the work and creates the audience of the story in general in their
minds, (Of course, in this view we come to the conclusion that many people have done this
This project does not end at this point, in fact we are trying to be able to create a work like a
feature film using this approach one day, a work like a film that is not only a work of art but also
the viewer can endure it until the last minute and not stop seeing it.
You are making a mistake
Art of gif
For example, It has probably happened to all of us that for a moment in different places and
situations, we have gone on a deep mental journey away from the situation we are in, while we
are just staring at the corner of the furniture.
Gif does the same thing to the corner of the sofa, in fact, you are staring at the corner of the
sofa but you do not see it at the same time.
Basically, if we take a deep look at this art, it helps the audience to separate from the space and
situation in which he is and to go on a mental journey, as well as to create a story in his mind.
In line with what has been said before, gif is the same way of expression that is consistent with
our project.
Did you know?
Let’s go back to the basic sentence, “Ali goes to school”.
In this work, we have tried to remove the “object” which is the”school”. In fact, the above
sentence became this sentence, “Ali goes”.
In fact, we have tried to make sense and create space by emphasizing and using form, and by
doing so, we mislead the audience from the content and as it was said before he writes a story
in his mind.In this work, the content is used against itself, which is done by using the sound of “dialogue
which is heard on the video” as well as the visual technique for how to express the content “Ali
You are not supposed to be here
The same old sentence, “Ali goes to school”.
This time, in addition to deleting the “object” which was the “school”, we also tried to remove the
“subject” which is “Ali”, In this case, the previous sentence became just a verb: “goes”.
This work is the most sincere form that can be made of an action, which again, as in previous
works, by using sound (dialogue) we have tried to mislead the audience from the same small
content in the work (empty wall and floor)